What is hardestdecision.com?

The site was just launched in June of 2010. Hardestdecision.com is where people come to share their past hardest decisions with others and to seek advice for hard decisions they are currently facing.  Have you faced a hard decision in your life?  Are you facing one now?  Share it with us!

How do I post?

Click on the Share Your Hardest Decision button, select the category that best fits your hard decision, and fill out the form.  Others will comment, give advice, or vote on your hardest decision.  If you want to be notified when somebody responds to your post, be sure to include your email address and check the "Notify me when someone comments" checkbox.  Hardestdecision.com does not use your email address for any other purpose.  Be sure to read our terms (link below) before posting as well.

Where do I find current posts?

Click on the Top Decisions link at the top of this page to see those posts that have been voted as the hardest decisions.  For a general category search, click on a category on the left menu, such as Friendship, and then click on what Type of post you are looking for.  For example, if you just want to see Friendship posts where users are looking for advice, click on "Looking for Advice." 

Can I flag inappropriate posts?

Yes, and we encourage it. Hardestdecision.com does not currently require a user to log in to post on the site.  Because of this, we expect a certain amount of riff raff.  If you find a post is inappropriate, please flag that post.  If a post receives enough flags, it will be automatically removed from the site.